Health and Safety

Multi-Chase places the highest priority on the health and safety of its employees, subcontractors and contractual partners, in addition to those affected by its operations. We believe in providing and maintaining a safe working environment for our most valued assets, our employees, appropriate measures are taken to this effect.

We also ensure that all our staff is medically fit and we maintain insurance against any liabilities that may result from occupational diseases or any other impairment to health resulting from our operations. We have a standby clinic handling all routine medical and emergency cases. We also take responsibility for security of all personnel, client representatives and third parties on all our work sites and premises, as this are an essential part of the overall company and management.

We aim to be environmental friendly. In carrying out our operations, Multi-Chase shall plan and execute projects with full consideration of the impact on the environment and strive to prevent any adverse effects on it.

We identify with the needs and aspirations of our clients and the host communities in the execution of its operations. We maintain harmonious relationship with clients, host communities, relevant government agencies, etc., to ensure a safe and peaceful working environment.