Electric Submersible Pumps

If you are using artificial lift on your wells, the probability is high that you are losing production and you don’t even know it! We can help you evaluate and identify such lost production and put it where it should be – in your flowline!

Suppose you have an Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) p in a new well and from start up the ESP was operating with a partially plugged intake (scale, debris…etc). How would you know?

The ESP is running and operating perfectly, you are getting oil. But, the ESP will have less effect on reducing the bottomhole flowing pressure ( BHP) and the flowrate from the well would be lower and not within the best efficiency point of the pump.

Let’s suppose the ESP operated like this for two years. How much production would you lose? Let’s use some very conservative numbers and assume a well capable of producing 200 barrels of oil per day, only produces at 70% of its capability because of such a problem. The lost production is 60 barrels of oil per day.

If we tell you that 40% of artificially lifted wells have such issues, would it get your attention!!!!!

Regardless of your artificial lift method there are a number of causes of such lost production. We can help you identify lost production and the requisite remedial action to restore the full production capability of your wells with our well experience ESP specialist who will work with your production team on ESP optimization and analysis.